The Magic Of The Lost Temple Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

Whether amid the concrete jungles of cities or the pure, clean air of countryside, Sudha Murty’s wonderful collection of stories brings up a world of imagination. One such book is ‘The Magic of the Lost Temple”. It’s about an 8-year-old inquisitive girl named Nooni, who resides in Bangalore with her busy parents… She visits her grandparents in a hamlet in North Karnataka once a year during her summer vacation. Nooni, a city girl, is taken aback by the speed of life in her grandparents’ Karnataka village. But she rapidly adjusts to the moderate schedule and engages in a flurry of pursuits, including papad preparation, picnic planning, traditional way of shampooing or oiling and learning to ride a bicycle with her new pals. The river, the flowers, the paddy field, the broad stretch region made her visit in Sommanhalli colorful and training to ride a bicycle, listening to her grandmother’s stories, witnessing the birth of a calf, swimming in the Vardha River, and trekking to Vardha Mountain etc, made it adventurous.

Sudha Murty’s language is homey. In one of her outings with friends Nooni’s boots become caught in some mud on Varada Hill one day, and she needs to lift a boulder to get them out. She quickly discovers an entrance, which leads to the excavation’s source. The people lend a hand during the dig, and shortly after, a 21-step, 7-templed stepwell is discovered. She’d heard stories about King Somanayaka and his stepwell, but she never imagined there would be one. This stepwell, which was presumably built by a “celestial architect” and was used by “celestial maidens,” is now permanently gone to the village. The same story is told to her by several persons, but the ends are different. She uncovers an almost 1000-year-old concealed step well. According to legend, a baby calf is fearless. She is the most perfect example. The youngsters wanted to discover more but were terrified, so they went home and Nooni told her Ajja about what they found. From there, the excavation and fresh discovery of something which has been concealed for many years began. Despite possessing an eighteen-year-old guy in her team of youngsters, Nooni’s major challenge is her inability to complete the whole excavation of the remains she and her pals came across by coincidence. This is analogous to the majority of the challenges that kids confront, in which they must enlist the assistance of the old or experienced in order to attain specific objectives.

Name The Magic Of The Lost Temple
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin Books Limited

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The Magic Of The Lost Temple by Sudha Murthy Pdf Download

Though apprehensive at first, she eventually fixes the problem by enlisting the help of her grandparents, who then enlist the help of the villagers and her parents to complete the task which shows the importance of togetherness. At the end of the day, everyone was pleased with the discovery, and the townspeople and media will celebrate Nooni and her companions. This narrative ends that we should not degrade Mother Earth’s natural beauty by our haste, greed or amusement. This fantastic book comes to life thanks to its stunning illustrations as the author skillfully weaves the narrative into the brains and hearts of her young readers, it’s difficult not to love learning about medicinal herbs, plants, village customs, traditions, and marriages.

The book is unputdownable as things get exciting only when Nooni comes into an ancient, mythical step well in the middle of the woods near the settlement, Adjusting to country life takes time for city folks. We miss our house as well as the amenities that a city/town may offer. After a few days, one starts looking for methods to pass the time. However, we can’t expect our protagonist to go through a normal and good day just like her father. Nooni’s interaction with the rural children was quite endearing and thus the adventure she faced is enlightening. Nooni and her father realize how a simple existence can be so fulfilling in this beautiful village way of life. Nooni learns the actual worth of things in life via her grandparents’ consistent teachings and guidance.

The Magic Of The Lost Temple Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

The book’s main point is that a change of environment for children brings out qualities in them that they do not have when they are pushed too hard in their regular school and study routines. It provokes a lot of thought and suggests that the greatest way to learning is to go outside and connect with nature. Friendship, vacations, enchantment, adoring grandparents, local folklore, late-night storytelling, picnics, the mundane of village tasks, living with cousins, and so on are all featured in the book. This narrative is full of positive things to tell your children, such as how nice the village people are, what history means to them, and, most importantly, how they respect environment and water conservation.

Simply read it to your children; it will provide many wonderful and real-life examples of how we should involve our children in little and exciting activities, like Nooni’s grandma did for her over her two-month summer vacation. Though a children’s book, it can be read by elders too. The narrative may make them sentimental and teary-eyed for elderly one’s long-ago holiday memories. It pulls forth one’s inner kid. This novel is a page-turner that I would suggest to both youngsters and adults. It imparts a valuable lesson to today’s young parents who want their children to succeed in an increasingly competitive society. This book teaches you that life is about more than simply academics, courses, and contests, and that real-world learning and relationships are just as vital, if not more so.

Being a kid is fantastic. Many seniors miss it since we now live in the real world. So why not simply let today’s kids stay kids? This is a fascinating narrative on the importance of hands-on experience and how trying things out on your own can make learning more powerful and meaningful. This small book may make a difference in your life by allowing you to better understand and interact with children.

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