The Secret Book Free Pdf Download By Rhonda Byrne

The Secret is a very inspiring book written by Rhonda Byrne, in this book the author says that the thing that you think about the most, the same thing starts attracting towards you. The authors say that if you think about the biggest goal in your life through your thoughts, then it becomes very easy for you to achieve it. “We become what we think” you must have heard this saying many times and you believe it to be true but still you think about bad thoughts will you ever consider this.

It is in our control to get something, but we think more about all those things which are not important at all in our life. If you think about all the things that are not necessary in your life, then as a result you get what you never want. That is why in order to achieve something, you should purify your mind and think towards a positive direction, so that you can think well about any things and create a new path to be successful in your field.

The author of this book, Rhonda Byrne has told in this book that the thing that you keep thinking about continuously and the thing starts getting attracted towards you as if you want to have a lot of money and day and night about money. If I think, then somewhere new ideas start coming in your mind to earn money. This means that whatever you think about, that thing starts dominating your mind, if you think positive things about something then you can get a lot of benefit from there and vice versa if you think about bad thoughts. If you meditate then your mind starts getting distracted there.

Name The Secret
AuthorRhonda Byrne
PublisherAtria Books/Beyond Words

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The Secret Pdf Download By Rhonda Byrne

The author has given an example on this logic and explained that if you pay attention to bad thoughts, then your mind leads you towards negativity. When you are driving, if your mind is thinking about negative things at that time, then in that situation you start feeling fear, due to which you either get into an accident or some bad incident happens to you.

The reason you are at the place in your life today is because of your past, if you have worked very hard in your past and have kept good thoughts in your mind, then surely today life can be better for you. On the other hand, if you have thought about negative things in your past, then today you will be unsuccessful because you can never succeed with negative thoughts.

Through this book, the author has told that if you want something with a true heart, then you definitely get that thing. During this process, you have to imagine about the object or things you need, as a result of which those things start getting attracted towards you. The author has shared all these things on the basis of his experience, in which he has also given an example that when he did not buy any item from the market, then he used to think about those items and when he had money from somewhere, he used to think about those things. At first they used to buy the same things.  

The Secret Full Book  Pdf Download

In this book, the author has talked about three steps, which if followed properly, you will get the thing you think about. According to the author the three rules stated are mentioned in detail below –

If you want to get something, then for this you have to talk about that item and ask a question related to that item. If you don’t talk about the thing you like then your mind keeps on confusing you for that thing so that you have to face difficulties in getting that item. You have to tell your mind clearly about the thing you want to be. 

Trust is very important to get something, if you like something and you want to get it, but you do not have faith in that thing, then you do not get that thing. You should have a firm belief in your mind that you will get that item, due to which your mind starts thinking seriously about that object and starts making different types of tricks so that you can get that item.

According to Rhonda Byrne, if you want to get something, then for this you have to think well about it. As if you are thinking that you have to buy this car, then for this you go thinking in your mind that you already have that car and if you are successful in thinking like this then all that is in your mind. Habits start being awakened which makes you feel like the owner of the car.