The Silent Patient Pdf Download By Alex Michaelides

Thriller books are lovable by many as they add excitement to our boring lives… there can’t be anything better than escaping to a different world temporarily, especially when you are reading a book as gripping as “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides.

Michaelides chose to put his story in a mental hospital since he worked as a psychotherapy trainee at a psychiatric center for teens. The plot was based on Euripides’ play Alcestis, in which the title character accepts to die to save her husband. Celadon Books, a division of Macmillan Publishers, released the novel on February 5, 2019. Jack Hawkins and Lousie Brealey read the audiobook version, which was published on the same day.

Alicia Berenson’s life appears to be ideal. She is married to a popular fashion photographer and lives in a spacious house with enormous windows viewing a park in one of London’s most desirable places. Alicia’s inability to speak or offer any type of explanation transforms a private tragedy into something far larger, a mystery that catches the public imagination and elevates Alicia to celebrity status. The value of her work soars, and she, the quiet patient, is sent to the Grove, a secure forensic facility in North London, to be shielded from the tabloids and limelight.

Name The Silent Patient
AuthorAlex Michaelides

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The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides Pdf Download

A criminal psychotherapist, Theo Faber is a criminal who has been waiting for the chance to work with Alicia after 5 years he took up Alicia’s case and his efforts finally made her speak the truth. It turns out that Kathy (Theo Faber’s wife) deceived him six years ago — with Gabriel, Alicia’s husband — and that’s when Theo, the real psychopath, as a masked man decided to break into Alicia’s house, detained her, and revealed the affair, provoking a lengthy trauma that prompts her to shoot Gabriel on the face. Theo Faber wanted to recover Alicia since she had been cheated the same way as him but later realized she might recognize him, that’s why put her in a coma via drug overdose. However, Alicia recorded everything in her diary, which was later retrieved by the police leading to Theo Faber getting caught.

The Silent Patient is a character study that analyses the mentality of a criminal rather than some criminal investigation. The story of The Silent Patient is recounted in the first person through Theo and Alicia’s letters. The reader is initially led to assume that Alicia’s journal entries are from six years ago, so all of Theo’s writing is from the present day. However, it was Theo is writing in hindsight, and every episode with Kathy occurs six years before his stay in the Grove, as revealed at the end of the story.The Silent Patient Pdf Download.

Michaelides’ writing is fascinating and engaging, slowly dragging you into a mystery characterized not by stunning turns but by the enticing promise of stripping back the layers of a mysterious woman’s darkest secrets. THE SILENT PATIENT’s actual effect comes from Michaelides’ calm, meticulous approach to exposing his characters’ inner workings. 

Overall, the novel has a clever and well-paced plot. Michaelides accomplished this by employing numerous timeframes and brilliant narrative media, as well as the Greek tragedy analogies and convoluted character histories. Alicia’s persona in two separate eras juxtaposed.

The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides Full Book Pdf Download

The Silent Patient is a modern mystery with the bones of an old-school mystery, akin to Gillian Flynn’s novels and The Girl on the Train. What we say to our children, how we act around them, and, most importantly, how we treat them, must all be deliberate. When Alicia was a youngster, her father mentally murdered her by telling her that he desired she had perished instead of her mother. She couldn’t stay the same person, hearing such words.The Silent Patient Pdf Download

Another thing the book taught us is that unexpressed feelings don’t go away. Of course, Alicia didn’t suddenly decide to knife her spouse one morning; the feelings had been growing for some time.

The book gets better with progress. The novel “The Silent Patient” provides a clear and comprehensive insight into the subject of psychology, allowing the reader to comprehend the information while remaining focused on the storyline. Irrespective of the number of crime/mystery/thriller/suspense books you have read, the storyline surprise at the conclusion was truly unexpected, capable of making the reader forget to breathe for a few moments, and most crucially, rational. The book is intended for everyone who enjoys reading, not simply thriller aficionados.

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