The Subsconscious Mind Power: How to Use the Hidden Power Of Your Conscious Mind Pdf Download by James Thompson

The goal of self-help books is to lead the reader along a road where they can read, put the techniques they have learned into practice, and better their life without seeking assistance from others. A self-help classic by Joseph Murphy, “The Subconscious Mind Power: How to Use the Hidden Power of Your Subconscious Mind is based on sound ideas for using the power of the mind.  

Lesson 1: You can benefit from the placebo effect by using visualization. 

The main message of the book is that you can utilize your imagination to provide the subconscious thoughts that will help you achieve your goals. Your mind will unknowingly direct your actions more in the direction of making those concepts a reality if they are repeated frequently enough. There are various methods to achieve this, but most of them fall under the umbrella of visualization, which is the act of imagining yourself reaching a certain objective or result. This plays on a scientific concept known as the placebo effect. A placebo is a medication used in medicine that has no actual chemical or biological effects and is often comprised of sugar. In the book, Murphy gives other instances, such as the opera singer who utilized this method to get over stage fear. Another is a surgeon from the early 1900s who reduced patient mortality by assuring them they wouldn’t contract an infection. There are also a lot of instances from the present day, like Jim Carry, an actor who used visualization to be successful. 

2nd lesson: Give it some thought and then decide. Often, a good night’s sleep helps you make more assured judgments. 

When faced with a difficult decision, another option to employ your subconscious is to take a nap. The woman in Murphy’s illustration was given a job opportunity on the country’s other coast. She wasn’t sure whether to relocate across the country for it even though it paid twice as much as her present wage. Later, when she was meditating, she slept off. She opted against accepting the offer when she felt in the morning that her instinct had been right all along. She discovered the firm had declared bankruptcy a few months later. Even if it’s hard to predict how events may have developed had she accepted the position, the underlying idea is sound. After all, hindsight is always 20/20. In comparison to your conscious self, your subconscious has a greater capacity for processing information. Therefore, letting it work while you sleep might result in more lucid thinking and self-assured opinions the following day. 

Name The Subsconscious Mind Power: How to Use the Hidden Power Of Your Conscious Mind
AuthorJames Thompson
Publisher‎ Prosperity Plus, Inc

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The Subsconscious Mind Power: How to Use the Hidden Power Of Your Conscious Mind by James Thompson Pdf Download

Lesson 3: Wish people luck since being envious will only keep you from achieving your goals. 

If directed in the proper direction, your subconscious may be incredibly helpful, but it can also cause you to get in your way. Murphy tells the tale of a salesperson who never appeared to get any attention from his employer. He performed better than all of his coworkers, but he didn’t advance. It turns out that he had a suspicion that his employer did not like him. As a result, he unconsciously adopted certain antagonistic behaviors. Once he shifted his perspective and wished his employer real success, he quickly received. The underlying idea of this tale is one that many wealthy people hold: by covertly disliking others for possessing what you desire, you can decrease your chances of achieving it. Consider riches as an illustration. How do you think managing your finances would change if you believe that money is the source of all evil and that billionaires are all thieves? Therefore, resist adopting a victim mentality. There are no restrictions on the pie. Everyone has access to enough. Keep a cheerful attitude and support others such that the universe will support you.

The Subsconscious Mind Power: How to Use the Hidden Power Of Your Conscious Mind Full Book Pdf Download by James Thompson

The law of attraction is genuine, but it only functions if you use it. Having said that, with some perspective, you may get some practical insights from the book. What more lessons can you draw from the book? Why you’ve already used unconscious learning throughout your life How the mental film technique assisted homeowners in selling their properties .Why visualization works best when combined with passion .How did a teacher who had been divorced three times meet her ideal partner? How to find reasons why you can be unhappy with yourself overcoming your anxieties. 

The message we take with us from our parents, teachers, and other early influences become the central focus of this book. Good or bad, they pass past our conscious brain and permeate into our subconscious, which then affects how we act. It comprises 20 chapters, and if you have certain wishes, he offers a prayer for you to say before going to sleep in each chapter. In every way, The Power of the Subconscious Mind is a winner. Anyone, at any stage of life, may benefit greatly from it. Although it is clear that the author had strong religious convictions, this work does not contain any instances of “preaching” or attempts to advocate a specific faith or ideology. You can succeed in all facets of life thanks to this book. It contains guidelines and examples from real life that you may use to alter your lifestyle and appearance.

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