The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*CK Pdf Download By Mark Manson

If you are very worried or very worried about your life, then you must read this book. In the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, you have been told how you can distance yourself from bad thoughts and the title of this book means not paying attention to unnecessary things. The author of this book met many people during his lifetime and when he tried to know about them, he came to know that many people are unnecessarily troubled by their life, while looking for answers to all these things, the author wrote a book in which it has been told about not paying attention to unnecessary things. He used to get failure from everywhere in his life, due to which he went into depression and he had to resort to intoxication. Charles Bukowski was fond of becoming a writer since childhood but no one accepted him as a writer. Whenever he used to go to any magazine publishing organization with his article, he was made a lot of fun and he was thrown out by saying the article written by him was of low standard.

Author You were badly broken and he was always drinking. He wasted almost 30 years just gambling and drinking. After this, they get a chance from one place and then the writer got very excited and wanted to work in it. He understood that this work was given to me after a long time and very difficult, so he did not want to refuse this work and he was trying very hard to do it so that the work could not be done by his hands.

After this he wrote a book which people liked a lot, then he thought of writing more books and never looked back in his life. After this he started doing his work very fast and in no time he wrote 6 books. Along with writing books, he also wrote many poems and people liked the poems written by him.

AuthorMark Manson
PublisherHarper Collins

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The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*CK By Mark Manson Pdf Download

Charles Bukowski was a writer who started a new life even after losing his life. The best thing about the writer was that he accepted the worst situation of his life without blaming it. When he got worldwide fame as a writer, he completely changed his lifestyle and he had changed a lot before. The reason for his success was not his goodness at all because he had become an alcoholic and a gambler type of person, but when he got success, then he left all these bad habits.

The author has told his story through this book in such a way that even if we are in the worst of situations, we can come out of all those bad situations by taking inspiration from them or can have hope to come out. Sometimes it is seen that when some bad event or bad situation happens in our life then we get upset and after that we get more upset thinking about it so that we become mentally independent. We are unable to feel and our brain also does not start working according to us. For example, if you get very angry then you start thinking that why do we get angry, you get entangled in this thinking while you should think that we should not get angry. If we get angry then it harms us a lot and we are not able to control our thinking, it keeps our attention wandering here and there.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*CK full book Pdf Download

If you are sitting alone somewhere and there you are feeling lonely and you are getting depressed, then sad thoughts also start developing in your mind, due to which you become even more depressed than before and repeat these same thoughts again and again. By thinking about all the things, you completely spoil the concentration of your mind.

If there is ever a sad moment in your life, then you should get busy in some work or talk to someone else. If you keep thinking about sadness and think that my life is very bad then all the same things dominate your mind which makes your life like hell that’s why you should bring positive thoughts in your life and never feel sad in your mind. Don’t bring up the idea.

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