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The story of two twin sisters is told in the novel The Twin, authored by Natasha Preston. The novel depicts how a twin sister lives her life apart. When does the story of these two begin, when their parents get divorced, since then their path separates and at that time these people are only 10 years old. When their parents got divorced, one of the sisters started living with her father and the other sister started living with her mother. One of the twin sisters is named Amy and the other sister is named Iris. In this way the lives of both the twin sisters are spent in separate conflicts and the life of their parents also passes without each other.

Everything was going well in the life of these people, but in an accident, the mother of both those twin sisters gets into an accident and that mother loses her life in that accident. After the death of her mother, now both the sisters started living together because the sister who used to live with her mother came to her father after the death of her mother, now the story of both the twin sisters starts together. The Irish who lived with her mother used to be very sad because her whole life was spent with her mother and in such a situation if her mother dies then all her support is lost that’s why she always remains calm. She thinks that her life is incomplete without her mother and her life is completely over but her twin sister supports her and helps her to forget Irish past.

Name The Twin
AuthorNatasha Preston
PublisherDelacorte Press

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The Twin by Natasha Preston Pdf Download

When Amy’s mother dies, Amy’s life begins to pass into darkness and she has no idea what to do, so she is always sad and alone, which makes Iris very sad because she has a twin sister and cannot see her twin sister sad. There was a time when Amy felt very sad and there was no one to take care of her so her twin sister Irish comes near her and tells her to be happy and live life together but this time Amy says that her life is over as she has lost her mother. Her sister also understood all this, so she promises her that she will always support her and will never let her hurt.

Now Amy’s life was starting to change, now she was starting to see a new path and she also goes to school but she does not know that worse is yet to happen to her. Amy had a friend at school named Tyler who no longer likes Amy but is now in love with Irish. Now Amy gets angry again and she loves her life again and she says that she is not getting what she deserves in her life but she realizes that her composure is not right because she was deeply saddened after the death of her mother, after which she remained calm for a long time and when she steps into the outside world, she finds everything new and unknown which she is unable to assess properly.

The Twin Full Book Pdf Download by Natasha Preston

When the parents of these two sisters get divorced, then one sister lives with her father and the other sister lives with her mother but after some years her mother dies then that girl becomes all alone. And she is very sad then her twin sister comes to pick her up and takes her with her but she didn’t feel like leaving her house at all but Iris assures her that everything will happen because of her leaving  will be fine. From the words of Iris, it seemed that even after the death of her mother, she did not care because she lived with her father and she liked her father only, that is why even after her mother’s death, there was no problem with her.  But his other sister was very sad.

The story of two twin sisters is shown in a very good way in this novel, in which the story of two twin sisters is very different from each other. At first, when these people were only 10 years old, at the same time there was a fight between their parents and after the fight, both of them got divorced, after which the relationship of these two sisters also separated because when their parents are different, then one of the twin sisters starts living with her father and the other sister starts living with her mother, so the childishness between the two sisters has ended somewhere. Among these two sisters, the life of the one who lived with her father was going well, but the one who lived with her mother was passing in misery because when her mother dies, there is no need to support her. There is no one for her and even when she lives with her sister, she feels the lack of her mother.

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