The Unhoneymooners Pdf Download by Christina Lauren

The name “Christina Lauren” comes from the lifelong writer partners who are also best friends Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. They have written for many well-known publications such as the New York Times, USA TODAY.  This book is Lauren’s brilliant solo contemporary and a  wonderful comedy of happenstance. Olive Torres is a very unfortunate lady, but her fortune appears to alter following her twin sister Amelia’s wedding, which leaves practically everyone sick with food sickness. Only Olive and Amelia’s brother-in-law, Ethan does not suffer. Olive and Ethan can’t tolerate each other, so when Amelia insists that the two of them go on the pre-arranged Hawaiian honeymoon, which would be a waste of money for the sick newlyweds, Olive is convinced that this would be the worst holiday ever. Instead, she has a good time and reconsiders her dislike for Ethan, who gradually exposes himself to be a truly kind man. Lauren skilfully employs typical rom-com tropes—enemies to lovers, phony marriages, and even height differences—to construct a fascinating romance that will keep readers glued to their screens. Download The Unhoneymooners pdf

Olive has bad luck in everything she does: her work, her love life, her…well, everything. She is used to being the unfortunate twin: from mysterious catastrophes to a recent layoff, her life appears to be jinxed in a humorous way. On the other side, her identical twin sister Ami is possibly the luckiest person on the planet. Ami is an unstoppable force, she even used a series of contests to pay for her wedding. Her first meeting with her fiancé is straight out of a romantic movie, and she’s managed to fund her entire wedding by winning a series of online competitions (double gag). Worse, she’s making Olive spend the day with her sworn nemesis, Ethan, who also happens to be the best man. 

Name The Unhoneymooners Pdf
AuthorChristina Lauren
PublisherGallery Books

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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren Pdf Download

Olive prepares herself for a 24-hour wedding ordeal before returning to her luxurious, unfortunate existence. When the whole wedding party suffers food illness from rotten shellfish, Olive and Ethan are the only ones who aren’t harmed. And now there’s a chance to win an all-expenses-paid honeymoon in Hawaii.

Olive and Ethan leave their mutual enmity behind for the purpose of a free vacation, intending to avoid each other at all means. When Olive runs into her future employer, though, the small white lie she tells him risks becoming a lot bigger. To make matters worse, Olive’s new employer and Ethan’s ex-girlfriend arrive in Hawaii, requiring them both to pose as newlyweds in order to keep their cover intact, as their all-inclusive vacation package is non-transferable and in her sister’s name. Ethan also wants to save face in front of his ex-girlfriend. Olive’s point of view dominates the narrative, interpreting every dialogue through her cynical prism until Ethan can win her over. But the strange thing is that she enjoys playing make-believe. But just the opposite, in reality, Olive finally feels herself to hit some fortune in life. 

Ethan doesn’t have to prove to Olive that he can be a better guy; all he has to do is show her that he was never the jerk she thought he was—for example, when she believed he was condemning her for eating cheese curds, he was probably thinking about asking her out. The faux newlyweds have real chemistry, blending funny banter with healthy adult communication as they hash it out through snorkeling expeditions, couples massages, and a few too many tropical beverages to come to the truth—that they’re passionate about each other.

This heartfelt and hilarious love story reveals that the finest things in life are all-inclusive, revocable, and free. Download The Unhoneymooners pdf.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren full book Pdf Download

With a Christina Lauren book, the readers can never go wrong. After the Half-Night Stand, Christina Lauren provides yet another delightful, moving perspective on modern dating, reminding all the readers that when it comes to seductive, sensual, playful romance with its finger on the pulse of contemporary love, this team always swipes right.

The first part of The Unhoneymooners is filled with a funny enemies-to-lovers romance. It’s engrossing, amusing, and seductive. However, the novel’s co-writing becomes apparent as the plot evolves into a more dramatic second half, with multiple climaxes involving profession, trust, family, and relationships. This reading experience, in my opinion, felt like two separate novels were placed under the same cover, and I preferred the enjoyable one. Overall, The Unhoneymooners is entertaining and will no doubt please Christina and Lauren’s numerous admirers. Download “The Unhoneymooners” pdf!  This book has it all: a heroine’s path to self-discovery, a leading guy deserving of a woman’s love, and plenty of misty tears and full-on belly laughs along the way. Lauren has done it again. Lauren’s debut novel is full of believable characters and a gripping narrative.

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