Three Thousand Stitches Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

Three Thousand Stitches is one such book in which a total of 11 stories are included and all those stories belong to the author. This book written by Sudha Murthy is very detailed because a total of 11 stories have been added to this book, out of which the first story is named Three Thousand Stitches, which has been focused the most. In those 11 stories, which is the story of Three Thousand Stitches, through that story the author wants to bring a huge change in the society, for which she first wants to eradicate the Devadasi system. Sudha Murthy did not like the Devadasi system at all, that’s why Sudha Murthy gave speeches at many places to eradicate the Devadasi system and mentioned about it in her books and even after this, Sudha Murthy tried as much as she could. 

In Three Thousand Stitches, Sudha Murthy wanted to eradicate the Devadasi system, for which she fought many battles, but it was not easy for her that the Devadasi system could be removed from the society. Sudha Murthy fought for a very long time to remove the Devadasi system and Sudha Murthy did not get success until her father came to her aid. When her father came to support Sudha Murthy and practically gave Sudha Murthy advice, Sudha Murthy saw the road ahead very easy and Sudha Murthy received a very unique gift. After a long struggle, Sudha Murthy gets success and she is successful in her fight, as a result of which the society gets a new direction and Devadasi system starts ending completely in the society.

The next chapter of this book talks about the logic of how boys can be defeated. While writing this story, the author has included her life’s school time experience in which she narrates the story of her college time when she studied in engineering college and she used to live quite alone due to which college boys harassed her a lot. Initially, the writer has a lot of trouble but later she finds out how to beat the boys.

Name Three Thousand Stitches
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherSaket Prakashan Pvt. Ltd

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Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murthy Full Book

Under this story of Sudha Murthy, those things have been told which are most important in our life. As we can have a good type of thinking only when our food and drink are good. When the writer used to go to school in childhood, she used to feel hungry during her studies, after which she did not feel like studying at all, then later she used to take some food to school and when she felt hungry, she used to eat something. After that he started taking interest in studies.

This story was written by writer Sudha Murthy when she was on her way to Kashi. There he introduced himself and also talked about how he traveled in Kashi. The story of ‘Cattle Class’ is written by the author on the basis of news reports where he was greeted as an animal. Once the writer Sudha Murthy arrives at the airport she is dressed in very simple clothes after which everyone keeps looking at her and seeing her as an animal class.

In this story writer Sudha Murthy tells about her father in which she tells that her father used to work in a remote area where her father was forced to give birth to a child with an unmarried girl and after some time the girl comes to meet him which makes this story very amazing and interesting.

Three Thousand Stitches Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

Writer Sudha Murthy had to travel to many places to do writing work, but she could not find an environment like home, due to which she writes that there is no place like home because at home we can do anything freely. Sudha Murthy tells the story in this story about Bollywood where one can achieve a lot of fame by doing work.In this story writer Sudha Murthy narrates old time stories to her grandsons which are very interesting to hear and children like this story very much. Writer Sudha Murthy says in this story about her friend that her friend is very bad because when the writer had free time she wanted to talk to her friend but her friend did not spare time for her. In this story writer Sudha Murthy talks about her life, how she was influenced by the influential organization ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ and after being impressed she wanted to come to a meeting with them for which she started to improve her habits.

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