When Breath Becomes Air Pdf Download By Paul Kalanithi

This book by When Breath Becomes is a non-fictional and autobiographical book in which the author himself tells about how he battled lung cancer. In this autobiography, the author has written that in today’s time every human being is running very fast to earn money. Leaves work at 7:00 in the morning, does not reach before 7:00 at night, is so busy that he does not have time to talk to his family members in a way that he is just lost in the affair of his work, earning money. In this competition, if a person comes to know that he has a disease that happens to one in millions of crores of people and he has only a short time left to live, then in this situation all he has earned. Money remains on earth, then it is understood about life that money is not everything, but we should also pay attention to our health.

Paul Kalanithi belonged to a simple family who lived with his two brothers along with his parents. Paul Kalanithi’s father used to work as a doctor and his mother used to work at home. His parents inspired him a lot to study and Paul Kalanithi was admitted to Stanford University for studies, where he got a degree in the graduate program. This autobiography was written in the last days of the author when his health was very bad and the author was battling cancer. Nothing was lacking in the life of the writer, but a small illness changes his whole life. The writer was always striving for a good future in a neuro surgery and had been a good student since childhood but his career got completely derailed due to cancer diagnosis.

Name When Breath Becomes Air
AuthorPaul Kalanithi & Abraham Verghese
PublisherRandom House

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When Breath Becomes Air By Paul Kalanithi Pdf Download

In the autobiography of When Breath Becomes Air, the author is diagnosed with cancer, which completely ends his career and life, which is naturally very sad. This life of the author is like an emotional investment a moving thoughtful version of himself for his family and for therapy. Paul Kalanithi had been a good student since childhood and his parents were also very supportive regarding studies, due to which he was given an opportunity to work as a surgeon, but luck had something else in mind. Paul Kalanithi did not even have any bad habits like smoking cigarettes or intoxicating but also a disease like cancer forced him to lose life. Cancer disease occurs to those people who smoke or take any kind of intoxicant and apart from consuming food items wrongly but Paul Kalanithi had no such bad habits and the author was under very discipline. He used to do all the work while staying in the house, but even he gets a disease like cancer and he completely loses in the race of life.

It is a matter of 2013, when neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi was 36 years old, only then there was a disparity in his health, then when he was examined, it was found that he had cancer disease in his lungs. This cancer disease is very dangerous, whose treatment is negligible. Cancer disease occurs mostly to those people who are intoxicated, eat gutkha, smoke cigarettes or do any other kind of intoxication, but the author did not do intoxication and he always used to exercise, apart from this, he also used to eat and drink. The method was very disciplined but still this disease comes in his lungs, due to which the life of the writer ends. Neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi was a very disciplined person as he did not like to waste time at all. When he had free time, he used to read books and go for a walk somewhere, so that the author could know about the places and write articles about them.

When Breath Becomes Air Full Book Pdf Download By Paul Kalanithi

Neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi used to work as a surgeon and he loved to be disciplined but due to a cancer disease, his definition of life completely changes. You must have heard from someone or the other that the disease of cancer is very dangerous because it is very difficult to cure and this disease happens only to those people who smoke or do any intoxicant and apart from this they eat the wrong kind of food. He takes substances, but the author neither used to take any intoxicant nor did he take wrong food items, but still he gets this disease. We get to learn a lot from this autobiography like in today’s time everyone wants to earn money for which he works hard day and night but some person is so crazy that he thinks only about money day and night. Works very hard to earn money but it is not completely right to do so because our health is bigger than money, if our health is bad then we are not able to enjoy life and if we die due to some reason or the other.  If it happens, then the money earned remains on the earth, that is why we should live life happily with limited resources and with limited money.

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