Wise And Otherwise Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

The book of Wise And Otherwise has been written by Sudha Murthy. Sudha Murthy is one of the most successful writers of India who has written more than one Nobel in her life. Sudha Murthy loves to write inspirational stories and loves to travel, due to which she keeps getting new subjects to write about. The book Wise And Otherwise written by Sudha Murthy is a motivational book in which it has been told about how to deal with parents. In the book Wise And Otherwise, Sudha Murthy has told some such incidents of her life which surprises in a very different way and all those incidents definitely teach something. There are a total of 50 chapters in the book of Wise And Otherwise, out of which the most important chapter has been kept first because it makes the readers very interested in reading. All the chapters given under the book Wise And Otherwise are very important and a teacher telling a symbol of humanity, which Sudha Murthy has presented in the form of a story in her emotional way.

Some very good things have been written in all the chapters given in the book of Wise And Otherwise because Sudha Murthy, who is the author of this book, has been awarded many places for her writing work, mainly because of her  Different way of writing. This is the reason why the story written by Sudha Murthy is very simple and full of emotional aspects. In this book, those things have been told carefully, which often happen in our life, like if a boy keeps a distance from his parents around our house and does not listen to them, then in such a situation, the parents and children relationship gets spoiled and this creates a sense of unrest in the family. Almost everyone sees all these things, but no one pays attention to it, but everyone ignores it, but Sudha Murthy has wanted to tell this thing to the people through her book, due to which people understand the importance of their parents find.

Name Wise And Otherwise
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin Books Limited

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Wise And Otherwise by Sudha Murthy Pdf Download

Sudha Murthy has told through her book that if we do good to others, then it maintains a good harmony in the society and this leads to happiness in the places around us. Sudha Murthy says that the world of philanthropy is a world in which if we work with sincerity, it makes our fame to a very high level and it opens the eyes of other people and those people are also ready to do charity. Sudha Murthy in her book has talked about all those good things due to which there is a deep impact in the society like if we are honest towards our work then it also makes our life good and others also have no problem with it.  Does not happen. Sudha Murthy has told that we should take care of our work and make our work successful by doing the work sincerely and by hard work.

Sudha Murthy has told in her book Wise And Otherwise that if we do good to others and help the needy people, then it gives us a lot of happiness and God is also very happy with us, due to which we take every moment of life as one.  can live with pleasure. It does not take much time for us to become a philanthropist or to read honorable, but first of all, we have to purify our mind and every work has to be done under discipline, after which we can talk about the society and we conclude how we can help others. Whenever we get an opportunity to help any other person or any needy people, then we must help him, due to which the people around start loving us very much and nature also gives many blessings by being happy with our work. We should focus on education to improve ourselves so that we can know the values ​​inside us, after that we can fight a new battle to improve the society.

Wise And Otherwise Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

This story written by Sudha Murthy is very inspiring because through this story Sudha Murthy has mentioned all those things which are very important in our life. In the book of Wise And Otherwise, all those things have been told about which everyone is aware, but not all people implement them because they do not consider it very important, but small things are very important one day. Becomes the cause of the big event. We have tried to tell this story in short form, knowing which you can bring some changes in your life. You must read this story completely once, so that you can bring changes in your life in many ways. After reading this book, you will never be the same as before because such things have been told in this book, which open the eyes of the readers and they start moving from darkness to light.

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