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Agatha Christie’s mystery novel, Evil Under the Sun, was originally published in the UK in June 1941[1] by the Collins Crime Club and in the US in October of the same year by Dodd, Mead and Company.Poirot’s detective Hercule Poirot takes a vacation in Devon in this tale. Although some guests find her attractive and provocative, she isn’t all that popular with him. In the wake of her death, he finds himself lured into the investigation of her death and her death’s circumstances.

Hercule Poirot relaxes at an isolated hotel in Devon on a tranquil vacation. Horace Blatt, Major Barry, Rosamund Darnley, Patrick Redfern and his ex-teacher wife Christine Redfern, Carrie Gardener and her husband Odell and the Reverend Stephen Lane are among the other hotel visitors, along with Miss Emily Brewster, an athletic spinster. Arlena is a provocative woman who flirts with Patrick much to the chagrin of his wife, and her step-daughter hates her, Poirot observes throughout the first half of his stay. Arlena sneaks away early one morning to meet in Pixy Cove for a secret rendezvous. During a rowing trip, Patrick and Brewster find her dead. A man had strangled her, according to a police surgeon’s assessment.

Interviews with the suspects are conducted by Poirot and the investigating officer, Inspector Colgate. Both Lane and Major Barry had gone ashore, leaving the Gardeners, Rosamund, Linda, and Christine on the island. They all gathered at midday to play tennis together. During his investigation, Poirot discovers that Brewster was almost hit by a bottle hurled from a guest room, while the hotel chambermaid recalls hearing someone running a bath at lunchtime. While in Pixy Cove, Poirot notices a scent that reminds him of Arlena’s perfume.

Name Evil Under the Sun
Author Agatha Christie
PublisherHarper Collins

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Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie Pdf Download

Poirot receives information about the strangulation of Alice Corrigan from Surrey police via a request for similar cases to the current one. Her death was discovered by a local teacher, but her husband Edward had an alibi. Poirot is given a picture of the two suspects. Patrick and Christine Redfern are Poirot’s primary suspects in Arlena’s murder. As a result, her spouse would never realise that she had been defrauded of a substantial inheritance and had instead invested it in “fantastic prospects.” In order to hide the true time of death, the murder was meticulously staged. At this point in the conversation, Christine set Linda’s watch forward twenty minutes so that she could set her alibi, and then returned it to its original state. Before she threw the bottle out the window, Christine went back to her room and put on fake suntan makeup. In order to avoid being discovered by Patrick’s wife, Christine snuck out to Pixy Cove to make sure Arlena didn’t see her. Before she left to obtain help while Patrick stayed, Christine returned to her room and removed the cosmetics she had used to mislead Brewster. As Arlena looked on, Patrick yelled out and suffocated her.

Evil Under the Sun Full Book Pdf Download by Agatha Christie

It is revealed that Christine lied about her fear of heights, since she managed to cross a suspended bridge during the picnic and foolishly threw away the bottle of make-up from her room when Brewster was outside. Linda’s suicide attempt was in part due to her. It turns out that the murder of Alice Corrigan, who was photographed by Surrey Police and identified as Edward Corrigan in their photograph, was also perpetrated in a way similar to that described by Poirot. When Poirot taunts Patrick, Patrick erupts into a near-violent rage, despite his wife’s efforts to keep him quiet. Poirot assures Linda that she didn’t kill Arlena and predicts that she won’t dislike her future “step-mother,” which causes Kenneth and Rosamund to resume their romance.

Everybody has an alibi when a crime is committed. Poirot (Sir Peter Ustinov) is sent to examine an insurance business case relating a dead woman’s body found on a moor, and an expensive diamond that was delivered to the company to be insured, turns out to be false.

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