The Four Agreements Pdf Download by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements book is  written by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is written in this book that from the time a child is born, his mind starts working and he starts focusing on something in his mind and experiences it. Gradually, when the child starts growing old, then he starts knowing everything properly and starts experiencing it. There are such powers in our human mind which helps us to achieve the biggest goal and we know only because of our mind that what we should do in our life.

The author has given an example to explain this argument, he has told in his example that when a child is brought up, but during the upbringing, if he understands that he is a fool, then gradually this fact becomes true. And because of his thinking, one day he becomes really a fool. We all know that he is a fool, when he does such an act which is inhuman or does such an act in which there is no discipline at all, then from all these things we know that he is really a fool. When that boy grows up and does stupid things again and again, then people come to him and say that why are you doing such a thing, then he says what can I do in this, I am a fool. So there is such a concept that if that boy keeps now then he will remain a fool so that boy should change his thinking. 

Name The Four Agreements
AuthorDon Miguel Ruiz.
PublisherHay House

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The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Pdf Download.

The boy who always used to do stupid things, he had assumed in his mind that he was a fool and when people wanted to explain to him that you do not do this but he would do the wrong thing again and again because he considered himself a fool  Was. But to fix him was not such a difficult task, then to fix him it was put in his mind that he is not a foolish boy, he is a sensible child, he will not do any such wrong thing now, after that he assumes that he  is a sensible boy then he starts avoiding doing wrong things because he has already accepted in his mind that he is intelligent, then in this way it is a game of mind, everything becomes as we think.

When you talk to someone, someone humiliates you or says something about you which you don’t like, after that you take all these things on yourself and start getting sad, then who benefits from it  And who got hurt?  If you feel bad about someone, then you should not take it on yourself, it will only harm you, just think, if someone called you good and bad and you take it on your heart, then it will hurt you, that is why the words of useless people  But don’t pay attention at all.  

The Four Agreements full book Pdf Download.

When you talk to someone, it is not necessary that that person will talk only good about you, maybe he will talk badly about you but you have to be ready for everything.  If a person talks very nice about you or praises you very much then you become very happy and if someone does bad about you then you become sad then all this is a sign of being foolish because there are many people who make them happy by praising others and ask them for help and we do not hold back from helping them because that person makes us happy but the truth behind it is something else.

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