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Fantasy tales are for boosting children’s imagination and are made of several elements. CW Lewis’s second work The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is an adventure, thriller tale that has been fascinating children for years.

Three girls Margaret, Mary, and Katherine, who lived with Lewis during WWII also influenced the novel. They were evacuated from London in 1939 due to impending bombs and sent to live with Lewis in the countryside for a brief period. 

During WWII, four siblings, Lucy Pevensie, Edmund, Peter and Susan are evicted from London and raised in the English countryside with a professor. Lucy finds one day that one of the house’s closets holds a doorway to another planet, a country blanketed in snow.

After she arrives, she runs across Mr. Tumnus, a faun (half-man, half-goat) who brings her to his home and serves her tea while telling her about the world she has stumbled into. Since the White Witch cast a spell on the area, it has always been winter (but never Christmas). Tumnus admits to Lucy that he should inform the White Witch about Lucy’s existence in Narnia, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Instead, he assists her in returning to the gateway so that she can return home.

Name The Lion the Witch the Wardrobe
AuthorCW Lewis

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The Lion the Witch the Wardrobe by C.W Lewis Pdf Download 

When Lucy returns home and tells her three brothers about her trip to Narnia, none of them believe her – though Edmund, fascinated, follows her back into the wardrobe and ends up in Narnia, where he encounters the White Witch. She presents him with Turkish Delight, and he tells her about himself, his brother, and his sisters. She pledges to anoint him a prince when he can persuade his other brothers to join him in Narnia.

When Edmund discovers that White Witch is terrible news from Lucy about where they’ve been, he dismisses that Narnia exists. He accuses her of deceiving him. But, all four of them enter Narnia through the wardrobe. However, when Lucy brings them to see Mr. Tumnus, they discover that he’s been arrested.

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver become friends with the children, and they learn more about Narnia. There is a prophecy that the White Witch would lose her reign over the kingdom if two girls and two boys become Queens and Kings of Narnia; this is why the White Witch was so eager to bring the children to Narnia, with Edmund’s aid, so she could slay them and prevent the prophecy. The Beavers inform the kids that Aslan, the big lion, is on his way to return.

Edmund eludes them and comes to the White Witch, where he tells her things he knows.

She brings him to the Stone Table, wherein Aslan is expected to emerge, and tells her servants (wolves) to search down Edmund’s brothers and murder them, preventing the prophecy from being fulfilled. 

Father Christmas emerges and the Narnia’s snow is melting, indicating that the White Witch’s control over the realm is fading. Susan, Peter, and Lucy get gifts from Father Christmas that will aid them in their mission. They encounter Aslan at the Stone Table.

The White Witch’s wolf commander Maugrim enters the camp and assaults Susan, but Peter saves her and kills the wolf with the sword that Father Christmas handed him.

The White Witch appears, and she and Aslan debate whether she has the right to put Edmund to death for treachery, invoking ‘Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time.’ Edmund is saved, but the children watch the White Witch beheading Aslan that night. To save Edmund, Aslan has gladly gone to his death.

The children are shocked and relieved when Aslan returns to life the next morning, claiming ‘Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of Time,’ which means that a willing victim who offered himself in lieu of a traitor can be brought back to life. Aslan and the children march to fight against the Witch, in the White Witch’s castle courtyard: traitors she had set to stone with her power.

The Lion the Witch the Wardrobe by C.W Lewis Full Book Pdf Download 

Years pass. For many years, the four Pevensie children reigned as Kings and Queens of Narnia. They rode to the lamppost wherein Lucy originally met Mr. Tumnus, the location going to and from their world, one day while seeking the White Stag (something, when captured, grants wishes). The four of them unknowingly walk through the portal and return to the professor’s house’s closet. They are once again children, just as they were before they departed all those years ago: time hasn’t gone in our world as they were gone.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is written in clear, straightforward language that many child readers will grasp. The book was notable because CS Lewis balanced his didactic message about the Christian faith with a playful tone.

In their determination to love him despite his acts, Peter, Susan, and Lucy exhibit the sign of forgiveness. When Aslan begs the children to never talk about Edmund’s treason again, he is expressing his support for this topic. The value of principles such as honesty, sacrifice, and courage are also demonstrated throughout the novel.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is an engaging and greatly written tale with a deeper denotation underneath.

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