A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Pdf Download by Jennifer L. Armentrout

We all know that Books take us to a different world and the good ones immerse us enough to stay in that world for a long time…An example of such a good one is A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Pdf by Jeniffer L Armentrout where you’ll have a breathtaking adventure of multiple emotions, especially romance. The book belongs to the category of paranormal fiction

It is a continuation of the book “Blood and Ash”. Poppy’s entire life has been based on lies, even the person she was having a relationship with. She scarcely recognizes herself without the Maiden’s veil, thrust among others who perceive her as a metaphor for a monster empire. But she does know that nothing poses a greater threat to her than him. The Dark One, to be precise. Atlantia’s Prince. He desires her to combat him, and she’ll happily comply. He might have abducted her, but he can’t keep her.

Casteel Da’Neer has several aliases and faces. His deceptions are as alluring as his touch. His bite is as sensuous as his truths. Poppy is wise enough not to put her confidence in him. To fulfill his objectives, he requires her to be alive, healthy, and whole. But he’s the only way for her to obtain what she wants: to track down her brother Ian and determine whether he’s turned into a heartless Ascended. Working with Casteel rather than against him comes with its dangers. He still entices her through each breath, promising her all her desires. 

Book A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire
AuthorJennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher Blue Box Press

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A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Pdf Download 

Casteel has something planned for her. Those who could provide her with unfathomable pleasure and unfathomable misery. Plans that would push her to question all she thought she understood about herself—and about him. Plans that might bring them together in unanticipated ways for which neither kingdom is prepared. And she’s far too rash, much too hungry to resist.

However, while Atlantia awaits the return of its Prince, dissatisfaction has developed. War rumors have grown louder, and Poppy is at the core of everything. The King wishes to deliver a message via her. The Descenders are hell-bent on murdering her. The wolven is becoming more unpredictable. The Atlantians begin to dread her as her skills to perceive pain and emotion expand and improve. There are dark secrets at work, mysteries entrenched in the blood-soaked crimes of two nations willing to do anything to keep the truth concealed. However, the wolven and the ascended engage in combat. Poppy may summon the wolven two if she is in peril. They felt compelled to protect her after hearing her in their minds.

Poppy ultimately admits to Casteel that she loves him, and the two marry in a ceremony known as the joining on Atlantian land.

The writing itself is quite easy to read, which aids in the progression of the plot. This novel, like the previous one, is written in the first person from Poppy’s perspective, which adds to its appeal. The first-person narration heightens the tension (you only know what Poppy knows) and makes it easier to envision yourself in the plot. The sex scenes, however, might be desirable to some readers and uncomfortable for some.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Full Book Pdf Download 

Dreams play a significant role in the story. Poppy has always had nightmares, but they’re getting more vivid and showing her new scenarios from past traumas she can’t recall. They’re inconstant and unreliable. There’s a twist, a hidden truth in there someplace.

We get to see Atlantia a few times… for a very short period and learn a great deal about the Atlantian bloodlines. The book shows empowerment. Throughout this novel, Poppy, the heroine of the series, comes into her own. She not only learns about herself outside the Maiden, but she also begins to design her path and assert herself. She becomes a more intimidating, not-to-be-messed-with heroine as her power grows.

The book shows how ruthless the truth is. Poppy is forced to admit that the past she was fed as a kid was prejudiced and inaccurate and that it was being used to coerce residents into obedience in A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire Pdf, the successor to From Blood and Ash. The truth is unforgiving. Poppy has been nurtured by suppressors to help them expand their army, and she is horrified by their methods every day.

Overall, this series has become almost a significant aspect of 2020, which has not been a fruitful year for mankind. These novels shine like a North Star through the smoke and debris, giving us hope that we can get through all the evil.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire is a perfect sequel and is superior in every regard. More sweltering. A bigger picture. The secondary characters are fantastic. More emotions and actions too. And then there’s a grand conclusion, which makes you doubt everything you’ve just read and desire more!! Well, there are three more books in the series.

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