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Today in this article we will talk about the story of House Of Cards which has been written by Sudha Murthy. The story of House Of Cards depicts a village whose population is around 528 thousand and this village is located in the north direction of Karnataka. Sudha Murthy, who is the author of this story, when did he plan to write this noble when he started traveling to Karnataka and there he saw that there is a very beautiful waterfall in Karnataka and there are very good temples here, then he thought that we should convey all these scenes through one Nobel to the other. He started writing House Of Cards Noble to show the beauty of this place in Karnataka.

At the place where Sudha Murthy was writing the Nobel, there lived a girl who belonged to a very good house but her rule of living was very simple and she never pretended to be rich. In this story, a very beautiful sentence has been written about that girl and that sentence is that the rays of the sun come out only for that girl and the beautiful rainbow which used to come out there only came out for that girl. All this was said because that girl was very much in love with all these things and was very attached to natural things. All his life was spent just spending time with the beauty of nature. The girl loved to cook at home and she used to do all the household chores very happily and when the work was over she used to enjoy the natural scenery.

That girl’s age was now getting older, due to which her villagers used to ask her that when will you marry and what type of boy will you marry, on this the girl used to say that we like the boy who thinks like us. Don’t have bad habits and love the natural things out there just like us. Now after some time that girl’s family shifts to another city and a new life of that girl starts there but in the beginning she has a lot of problem because the way she gets used to living in her work. Went there and the way that girl used to live in harmony with natural things, from now on such an atmosphere is not found and she does not get any reason to be happy as before.

Name House Of Cards
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin Books Limited

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House Of Cards by Sudha Murthy Pdf Download

When the boy marries a doctor, they settle in a new city where her husband treats the patients by giving them medicine and treating them. That doctor used to behave like that girl because the way that girl used to help others, thought good of others, similarly the doctor also wants to do good to others and thinks good of others, he is very much out of his life. He used to be happy but after some time the happiness of the doctor started decreasing because when he used to do medical work then he had to pay more attention to the patients and he used to do this work all the time so that he could save time for his life. He could not get it out and thus he started getting unhappy with his life.

The behavior of the doctor had started changing, which he was not at all happy with his life, he did not pay any attention to his life due to more attention towards the patients and later he had changed a lot, now he is giving more attention to others but didn’t help. When someone came to him for treatment, he used to take more money that his aim was to earn more money now. In the earlier times, the doctor used to do government work and he used to get money from the government, but now he started doing his work in private because he thought that if he does the doctor’s work with a private job, then he will earn more money. In earlier times the doctor used to help others but getting fed up with his life and seeing others, he too had completely changed. Now he had become greedy and mean like others, And now he started thinking about earning money.

House Of Cards Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

Just no longer wanted to help others and he didn’t think well of anyone.  He used to take a lot of money from patients to earn a lot of money and he did not treat anyone well in the house, after which his wife left him because his wife did not like the behavior of the doctor at all.  You doctor tries a lot that his wife comes to his house but his wife never agrees to come home.  Due to greed, the marriage life of the doctor got spoiled and he started feeling very helpless.

This novel written by Sudha Murthy teaches us a lot like if we help everyone and think good of all and love natural things then we are very happy and all people like us very much but if we think wrong about others and we do not do good deeds and always look at others with full eyes, then no one likes us and we are not able to enjoy life to the fullest. In the opening part of this novel it is shown that when a girl lived in her house, she used to do all the work very happily and loved the natural things very much but when she got married then in the beginning she had a lot of happiness because her husband used to behave like her but later her husband becomes greedy and her life becomes very bad due to which the girl was very upset and she left the doctor so in this way  The novel ends I hope you have got a lot of inspiration by reading the novel that how you can live happily in life.

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