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MahaShweta pdf is a Kannada novel which concerns a female protagonist Anupama and it is written by one of the most loved and widely Red Indian authors Mrs Sudha Murthy. The part of the Kadambari novel is dramatized on stage by Anupama as MahaShweta herself the story of mahashweta and Anupama can be found moving parallely. in this Story, Anupama and we find that the title has all the qualities of a princess. 

The story of Mahasweta is written by Sudha Murthy, in this story is told about the life of a girl. That girl is very intelligent in studies and does all the household chores and that girl is perfect in everything then she gets married and the boy she marries is also very perfect due to which both of them  like each other a lot. The girl looked very beautiful in appearance, due to which there was no problem in her marriage. After her marriage, her life started passing very well and her husband also liked her very much, but after 1 month of marriage, the boy comes to know that the girl has a white spot on her feet, after which the boy thinks that the girl has no one.  There is an illness due to which he no longer started liking that girl.

Name Mahashweta Pdf
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin Books Limited

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Mahashweta by Sudha Murthy Pdf Download

When that girl was married, she did not have any kind of stain in her body, but when she gets married and after one month of marriage, the girl starts getting white spots on her feet, due to which she remains very upset. But she does not tell this disease to anyone, nor does she tell it to her in-laws, nor in her maternal house, but one day her mother-in-law sees that the girl has a white spot on her leg. Now her mother-in-law starts getting very angry with that girl that she had kept this disease hidden from us, but this disease was not there before. That girl got many treatments to remove the white spots but her treatment would fail every time. In India, if there is a stain in someone’s body, then it is considered a bad omen or a defect, that is why her mother-in-law wants to get her daughter-in-law out of the house.

When that girl’s in-laws comes to know that the girl has a white spot on her leg, then her in-laws throw her out of the house and the girl leaves the house and goes to her maternal home, where she has a step-mother who lives with that girl but did not like him at all because the girl was not his own daughter. So here that girl is also thrown out of her in-laws’ house and when she comes to her maternal home, she is not given a place to live here and she is told good and bad, due to which the girl is very sad inside. But still she insists on her stepmother to give her a place to live but her stepmother does not allow her to stay at all and when she requests her father to stay, her father also asks her to leave because her father also did not like that girl.

Mahashweta Full book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

That girl is also thrown out of the in-laws’ house and when she comes to her maternal home, she is rejected there too after which she does not understand what she should do and then she thinks that she should move to Mumbai and  From there he should start a new life. Now she agrees to go to Mumbai and after reaching Mumbai, she faces a lot of problems because that girl did not even have much money and she had to buy everything there. That girl has to work very hard to build a house in Mumbai and to arrange everything and that girl runs her household expenses by doing small jobs somewhere.

This novel written by Sudha Murthy teaches us a lot. In the story of Mahasweta, there is a girl who is very happy in her house and she does all the work very well. Her life becomes very bad since she gets married and she is always unhappy.  The story depicts how a girl’s life changes for a small reason. Mahasweta did not have any kind of stain in her body at first, but after 1 month of marriage, a white stain comes on her leg, after which her in-laws come to know that she has a white stain on her leg, after which her in-laws give her a white spot. Starts looking at it with a wrong eye and her in-laws think that the girl kept all this hidden from those people for which her in-laws say that this girl should be punished and then her in-laws throw that girl out of the house. So in this way the story of Mahasweta has a sad ending. I hope you liked this story written by Sudha Murthy.

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