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Literature can be uplifting in unusual ways. All of us are aware of the importance of messages or WhatsApp in our daily communication and life but do you know how remarkability of learn about someone with only a few texts. You will know if you read Sophie Kinsella’s “I’ve Got Your Number”. 

Poppy Wyatt was never more fortunate in her life. Magnus Tavish, her ideal man, is going to marry her, but their “happily ever after” starts to unravel one afternoon. Her phone is stolen when she loses her engagement ring in some hotel fire drill. She notices a discarded phone in a garbage can while pacing shakily around the lobby. It’s a catch-22 situation. She can now put a phone number where the hotel can reach her if her ring is discovered. 

The phone’s owner, businessman Sam Roxton, disagrees. He desires his phone back, and he doesn’t like Poppy reading his texts and prying into his private life, including his strange relationship with Willow, his ostensibly insane girlfriend. Sam confronts Poppy about her anxieties about not being good enough for Magnus’ well-educated family. Poppy’s well-intentioned intervention causes several problems. But they jump to help each other too. Poppy tried solving when Sam’s company was in trouble. Poppy is shown out of the building by a woman who mentions Nick and refers to him by his office moniker, Santa Claus. Poppy only pulls out a note she’d been keeping of all the unusual caller messages after she’s left the building: about somebody named Scottie having accomplished the surgery and left no trail. It was signed by Santa Claus. She recognizes that this has to do with Nick and the memo Vicks and Sam were discussing. 

Name I’ve Got Your Number
AuthorSophie Kinsella
PublisherDial Press Trade Paperback

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I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella Pdf Download

She travels to Hemisphere to find out who is speaking. Poppy reads a message on the train. It’s half of a message indicating Sam’s fiancée has betrayed him. Poppy is informed that he is not engaged. Poppy and Sam increasingly fundamentally alter each other’s lives through emails and text messages, which leads to a humorous and surprising turn of events. Situations grow progressively more difficult until you were writhing for the heroine. She dodges wedding preparations (for helping Sam), and conceals her left hand from Magnus and his parent. She did manage to get a fake ring with Sam’s idea which manages to fool Magnus, but not his mother. Meanwhile, Poppy and Sam phone replies on each other’s behalf for one another’s betterment. Brenda Fairfax, a woman at the hotel where Poppy’s ring went missing, calls Poppy. Poppy recognizes Lucinda, her wedding planner, after hearing a description of her. She’s so furious that she hails a taxi and goes straight to Lucinda’s house. She learns from Lucinda that she and Magnus dated and that he proposed to her with a similar ring! Magnus had backed out midway through his marriage proposal, so they did not make it to the altar. 

Poppy learns about Magnus’ prior three fiancees from Wanda (Magnus’ mother) after receiving Lucinda’s confession. Poppy gets a text from Sam on the day of her wedding. He apologizes for his outburst over Willow and accepts that Poppy was correct. He says he understands it’s a difficult day for Poppy because it’s her wedding day – he had no clue she was going ahead with it – and asks her to coffee. He attempts to convince her to not marry Magnus by sending her a picture of her wedding gown.  

I’ve Got Your Number Full Book Pdf Download by Sophie Kinsella

She can’t get Sam out of her head as she walks down the aisle. Poppy becomes enraged with Magnus during their vows because he mispronounces the phrases, accusing him of not understanding what he says. She digresses down the aisle after leaving the altar. She is stopped by a woman who claims to have a message for her. As she begins to read it, other women shout that they, too, have received a telegram from Sam instructing the recipients to prevent Poppy from marrying. As she exits the chapel, she notices Sam across the street. They exchange sweet text messages before she informs Magnus that she would be attending their wedding celebration with Sam. Then she receives a beep: it’s a text from Sam, who has sent her a heart emoji and Poppy replies “Me too” and that’s the happy ending (Quite a savage scene making you recall some Hallmark movie…right). 

While it is a book readable by all except children, it is a must-read for Shopalcoholics fans…more of a chic literature novel since everything in the novel takes place from Popp’s perspective. It is a British romantic comedy that became a New York bestseller. Despite being some light-hearted romantic read, the showing of character development is the lesson for us. Like all Sophie Kinsella books, this book will give you relatable situations and characters you can be one with after a little extent of reading.

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