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 Layla is a romantic story authored by Colleen Hoover. This book depicts the love story of Layla and Leeds and this book was published in 2020. Laila and Leeds meet in a wedding ceremony, and that wedding ceremony is of Pehla’s sister. When Laila’s sister is getting married, Leeds was one of the people called to perform the bandwagon, who was playing the choir at the wedding. While Leeds was playing the song at the wedding ceremony, Laila started dancing to the tune of that song, after which Leeds was watching and liking her. When Leeds stops playing the song, he first meets Layla and starts talking to her. Laila and Leeds then start taking a liking to each other and develop a deep friendship, after which they want to take their relationship forward.

Leeds had a girlfriend named Sable; when Sable learns of Leeds’ new relationship, she becomes very angry and jealous of the girl. He was very sad when Leeds broke up with old girlfriend Sable, but now he is completely fine. Now he devotes his time to Laila and always takes care of Laila. Laila and Leeds now part ways and both of them start living away from each other but the love was still intact between them. But among these two, Leeds used to give more importance to their relationship and he was ready to do everything for Laila but Laila did not give him that much attention.

He used to take great care of taking Laila when her health was not good. He rented out a bed and breakfast to take care of Laila. Leeds takes Layla to the same place where they first met to recover. The two start growing closer and one day when both of them are talking to each other, Leeds proposes marriage to Laila i.e. Leeds does it after marrying Laila, on which Laila does not talk openly. Layla is now recovering, after which Leeds rents out the bed and breakfast, which could have sold. Leeds now wanted to reinvest in the bed and breakfast but did not share the plan with everyone and did not even tell Layla about his plan.

Name Layla
AuthorColleen Hoover
Publisher Amazon Crossing 

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Layla Pdf Download By Colleen Hoover

Layla appears a bit romantic in bed and behaves in a very strange way which leads Leeds to not understand why Layla is doing this. When Leeds gets closer to Layla and listens to her voice, he notices a slight change in her behavior, which makes him panic as to why she is doing this because Layla was not like this before. After some time Layla makes some noises in her bed which the Leeds hear and go to Layla and find out how her behavior has changed so much. He questions himself and wants to know why Laila is behaving so differently.

Laila was behaving very strangely which the leads could not understand but they wanted to understand why she was doing this. Now Leeds investigates online to find out what is wrong with Layla. When Leeds begins to investigate, it is discovered that a spirit resides in Laila’s house and that spirit enters Laila’s body as well. Leeds wants to communicate with that spirit with the help of an electronic machine but it was not very easy to talk to that spirit. At Layla’s house, the spirit thinks of himself as the willow of the house and also talks with Leeds and the spirit starts typing into Leeds’ computer.

Layla Full book Pdf Download By Colleen Hoover

He was very sad when Leeds broke up with his old girlfriend but when he found Layla he started thinking that his life was about to change and he wanted to be happy but now Leeds became even more upset. That spirit now wants to completely take possession of Layla’s body but Leeds begins to form a relationship with that spirit so that the spirit cannot do so. When Leeds tries to find out about the spirit, she comes to know about the spirit and that spirit belongs to Leeds’s old girlfriend Sable. Sable was deeply saddened when Leeds and Layla started building a relationship and wanted to harm Layla.

Leeds’s old girlfriend Sable was murdered by Leeds and when Leeds’ relationship with Layla was set, Sable felt bad and Sable wanted to kill both of them as a spirit. Sable now wants to reside in Layla’s body and have a relationship with Leeds but Leeds wants to transform his old girlfriend’s soul into another form and he manages to do so. Now Layla recovers completely and Sable’s spirit is completely released from her, after which the life of Layla and Leeds begins to pass happily.

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