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The novel “Leaving Time” depicts the relationship between a daughter and a mother, authored by Jodi Picoult. It is shown in this novel that a girl fights even to the death for her mother. The novel’s main character is a 13-year-old girl named Jenna Metcalf who comes to psychic Serenity Jones for help in her search for her mother. Alice Metcalf, the mother of a 13-year-old girl named Jenna Metcalf, sets out to find whom. Jenna Metcalf had a variety of magical powers but when she seeks her mother she loses the spirit-talking power she used to communicate with spirits.  Once Jenna Metcalf goes with her mother for a walk in the New England Elephant Sanctuary Park and there another woman dies, after which the situation there becomes very serious, after which there is a stampede among the people. In the same sequence, his mother Jenna is separated from Metcalf.

When Jenna Metcalf goes with her mother to the New England Elephant Sanctuary Park, where her mother is separated from a stampede, Jenna Metcalf does not realize that her mother intentionally wanted to get away from her, so she sets out to find her mother. But his mother intentionally moved away from Jenna Metcalf. Jenna Metcalf was completely unaware of all this, but after some time she learns that her Maha has gone away from her of her own free will. This is confirmed when she goes to the police station to search for her mother, where she talks to two cops who investigate the incident at the New England Elephant Sanctuary Park. When Jenna Metcalf talks about her past with the cops, she learns that her mother has moved away from her for some reason.

Name Leaving Time
AuthorJodi Picoult
PublisherBallantine Books

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Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult Pdf Download

When Jenna Metcalf goes to the police station to search for her mother, she learns that her mother had left her intentionally, but she still wanted to find her mother, for which she started adopting new ways. Even his mother could have met him. Now she approaches a psychic person to find her mother as the same person can give good reasoning about her mother. Jenna Metcalf’s mother was a scientist who used to research elephant behavior, which is why she went to the elephant sanctuary for research. The work of a scientist is something that seems magical or unusual here because it is very difficult for ordinary people to understand all this. Now she takes the help of Serenity to find her mother but after some time it is revealed that Serenity has had a bad experience for many years and also makes wrong predictions about something, so now Jenna Metcalf leaves her too.

Now Serenity also starts thinking that he should do something about Jenna Metcalf for which he starts doing something with his computer but his computer also doesn’t work properly then he goes second to find Jenna Metcalf’s mother and he gives Jenna Metcalf some hints that he can help Jenna Metcalf. When Serenity’s computer doesn’t work properly, he tries to guide her in a spiritual way so it can somehow trace her mother, but Jenna Metcalf doesn’t come after that and she finds her own way and she finds out where is her mother. Now Serenity also feels that her mother must find out because she felt that if she cannot do all these small things, then what is her ability for that’s why she used to try everything possible and find out how could his mother be found?

Leaving Time Full Book Pdf Download by Jodi Picoult

Jenna Metcalf tries a lot to find her mother and she has taken the help of many people but she fails every time after which she starts getting depression and she becomes very frustrated. His life seems to be incomplete without his mother and his life is nothing without his mother. When Jenna Metcalf can’t find her mother after every effort, she becomes upset and drunk and is in a state of intoxication all the time. Jenna Metcalf learns that the officers working with the New Elephant Sanctuary have been tense because nothing was coming to a conclusion about the case.

Investigating officers discover that a woman was murdered when Alice went missing from the New Elephant Sanctuary, and they suspect that the woman killed was Alice. Many evidences related to this incident were found but the top officials want to suppress this incident and want to close this case forever. In this incident, a big secret is revealed that his mother did not disappear in the New Elephant Sanctuary, but Jenna Metcalf had run away from there. Whatever could be the reason behind the murder of Jenna Metcalf’s mother, but Jenna Metcalf can also be blamed for this, but there is no concrete evidence for this. Thus, the novel ends in a very sad and suspenseful way, with the unusual way of reasoning about what happened at the New Elephant Reserve and questioning related and ancillary themes.

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