The Fountainhead Pdf Download by Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead is an excellent introduction to Ayn Rand’s work and her objectivism ideology. It also gained her instant international renown. This work presents all of the fundamental philosophical concepts that inspire Rand’s fiction and subsequent philosophy. Download “The Fountainhead” pdf. The purpose of Ayn Rand’s literature, according to her, is to depict an ideal man. In her works, Howard Roark is the first such character. He is a distinct Ayn Rand hero because of his independence, adherence to his rational reasoning, and honesty.

Ayn Rand created The Fountainhead as a homage to the creative freethinker, having grown up under the totalitarian tyranny of the Soviet Union and believing passionately in political freedom and individual liberties. Howard Roark, the film’s protagonist, is a visionary architect whose brilliant and daring new ideas are misunderstood and scorned by the mass of society.

Individualism vs collectivism, as Ayn Rand puts it, is the topic, not in politics but men’s hearts. The battle in the novel is between individuals who think for themselves and those who let others control their life.

Name The Fountainhead
AuthorAyn Rand
PublisherPenguin USA

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The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Pdf Download 

Two young men, Peter Keating and Howard Roark graduated from architecture school and begin their careers in the 1920s. Peter Keating receives high honors and goes to work for a prestigious business in New York. On the other hand, Guy Howard Roark is thrown out on his rear end and finds work as a drunken has-been in New York. This seemed like a perfect scenario for a turn of events. 

Peter Keating turns out to be a bit of a jerk, and his rise to the top of his industry include extortion, stealing people’s work, forcing an old man to have a stroke, hitting on the boss’s daughter, and bribing Roark. Roark, on the other hand, is a real individual, a modernist designer, whose work is great but underappreciated by the ignorant public. After refusing to compromise on a building design, Roark is sued for breach of contract, and he finds himself destitute and without clients. 

Roark finally travels to Connecticut to work in a quarry and meets Dominique Francon, who is the daughter of Peter Keating’s boss. She is an icy-blonde journalist. Soon after meeting, Roark and Dominique have a violent sexual experience and then embark on a covert and psychologically messed-up affair. Faith and fear are the only two foundations on which one may construct their entire lives.

Dominique eventually attracts Peter Keating, and the two marry, which is a terrible decision. For selfish motives such as money, prestige, etc., Keating abandons his genuine love Katie Halsey to marry Dominique. Dominique chooses to wallow in her unhappiness about how bad the world is and marries Keating as an odd kind of social protest.

While everything is going on, a critic called Ellsworth Toohey is building up Keating while attacking Roark, since he’s a terrible communist who doesn’t want brave people to succeed. He may or may not be afflicted with a severe inferiority problem and may or may not be a sociopath.

Gail Wynand, the media magnate, and owner of The Banner newspaper approaches the scene after the architects have finished their work. He essentially buys Dominique from Peter Keating in exchange for a fancy commission and a divorce. After that, Wynand marries Dominique. Dominique’s emotional relationship with Roark continues, and she is now batting 0-2 in the husband’s area. Wynand and Roark end up bonding and becoming friends, and the love triangle becomes bizarre.Download The Fountainhead pdf.

In the same scenario , Keating does like other people including katie halsey but loses control to Toohey. Finally, Toohey tries to change a building Roark created for, and Roark bombs it up to protect his artistic integrity. or something. There’s a major trial, and Roark gets acquitted after giving a big speech on his philosophy. The trial won’t make any sense if you’ve studied the law at all. But, guy, it’s only a metaphor.

Gail Wynand uses his paper to support his friend Roark, but Toohey sabotages him, and Wynand shuts down his publication. When he discovers Dominique’s true feelings for Roark, he gives her a divorce. Roark and Dominique marry at the end of the early 1940s and Roark is working on a new tower for Wynand.Download The Fountainhead pdf.

The Fountainhead Full Book Pdf Download  

Ayn Rand characterizes The Fountainhead’s objective in the first notes as a kind of  protection  of egoism in real sense and alsp produces a new definition of with examples “Not in politics, but in man’s spirit,” she says later, “individualism against collectivism; the psychological impulses and essential principles that generate the character of an individualist or a collectivist.

Roark has to deal with not just professional rejection, but also the hostility of Ellsworth Toohey, a well-known humanitarian and prominent architectural critic; Gail Wynand, a powerful publisher; and Dominique Francon, a gorgeous journalist who adores him but is hell-bent on sabotaging his career. Rand’s book The Fountainhead established him as one of history’s most ardent proponents of individualism. This novel highlights one the most thought genre of fiction and states that the man’s ego is what we call the Fountainhead of mortal progress. It was relevent in past and also as of today. Download The Fountainhead pdf.

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