The Monk who Sold his Ferrari Pdf Download by Robin S Sharma

The pressures of his job are getting to Julian, even though he is a successful lawyer. He ultimately makes the decision to journey to the Himalayan Mountains and leave behind his old life of luxury and possessions. While there, Julian hopes to find calm. He meets Yogi Raman as he arrives. In order to attain enlightenment, Yogi Raman offers Julian seven virtues. Julian returns after a few months and recounts all of Yogi Raman’s lessons.

When we put “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” on our list of the best motivating and inspiring books of all time, we had an ulterior motive.If you’ve ever wanted to alter your life for the better, this book is for you.Robin Sharma’s semi-autobiographical alter ego, Julian Mantle, is the subject of this business story. As a Harvard grad, he has a mansion, a Ferrari, and makes millions of dollars a year from his business.The problem is that he isn’t happy about it.Working too much and not having enough time to appreciate the perks of his job is making it impossible for him to unwind. Julian Mantle collapses in a courtroom one day because of the stress of his job.However, he does not return to the practise of law once he has recovered. Instead, he vanishes without a trace. Then, three years later, he shows up at the office of his old friend and best mate John, completely unexpected and uninvited.

He was introduced to the famous Great Sages of Sivana, who he eventually found in the Himalayas after a journey there.To help him understand the Sivana System’s seven virtues, Yogi Raman told him the story of a sumo wrestler in a green garden. As the story opens, you find yourself in a lush green garden. You’re surrounded by a hushed silence. The garden is filled with a kaleidoscope of colour, making it as lovely as any man has ever seen.A six-story red lighthouse stands in the middle of the garden.

Name The Monk who Sold his Ferrari
AuthorRobin S Sharma
PublisherJaico Publishing House

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The Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin S Sharma Pdf Download

For a brief while, you are captivated by its towering presence.You hear a loud creaking sound at the foot of this lighthouse because a door has suddenly opened. And there’s a 900-pound sumo wrestler pacing your peaceful lawn like he owns the place, at 9 feet tall!A sight to behold as soon as your eyes are drawn to him. Due to his massive size, as well as the fact that he is completely unclothed. To protect his private parts, all he has is a piece of pink wire.

Your excitement is heightened when the sumo wrestler wanders around in the yard and discovers a gold watch. Most likely a relic from another era. He takes a glance at it, and then puts it in his hand with a sigh of relief. It happens to be the most beautiful thing: he falls unconscious!When you observe that his nostrils are moving, you’re about to run to see if he’s still alive.You can’t help but notice that the scent of the yellow roses surrounding him is what formed him!The sumo wrestler is suddenly bursting at the seams with hungry and seemingly inexhaustible energy.To his and your surprise, he finds a walkway lined with millions of shining diamonds when he turns to his left after first looking to his right.There’s something driving him down this road. And something tells you that this is the route that will take him to eternal happiness and eternal bliss.

The Monk who Sold his Ferrari Full Book Pdf Download by Robin S Sharma

The Sivana System’s core value is the ability to master your thoughts. To put this into perspective, imagine your mind as a garden, with your consciousness as the steward.In order to keep the garden free of pests and animals, one must also guard against bad ideas.Begin by cultivating your ability to focus. Focus on a rose and attempt to appreciate its beauty. A few minutes more each day will go a long way. You’ll be able to block out all distractions after you’ve trained your mind to be disciplined.

It’s essential to ‘die while you’re still alive’ in order to live your best life. All the time in the world is a fantasy for most people. Many of these people wish their days were longer while yet squandering their limited resources. If you act as if failure is unavoidable, success will be yours for the taking. Don’t even consider the possibility that you won’t meet your goals, whether they’re material or spiritual.

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