Wings of Fire : An Autobiography Of Abdul Kalam Pdf Download

Wings of Fire pdf is an autobiography which tells about the life of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. This autobiography is a must read for those who want to do something in the field of science in their life. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was a skilled scientist who worked to make missiles for our country. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in his autobiography shared all the experiences that made him successful. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam used to write his thoughts as a writer as well as a scientist and not only that, he had achieved many big goals in his life. 

APJ Abdul Kalam’s autobiography has told how Kalam’s family was struggling with poverty and later Kalam worked very hard to change the future of his family. He has told through this book that his family used to be very poor, due to which he used to have a lot of trouble to study in his childhood. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam did not even have a good cloth to study, but he did not care about this. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam started earning money since childhood, when he went to school, he did not have money, due to which Kalam wanted to work somewhere and he started sending newspapers in his childhood. 

When you read his autobiography written by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, then you understand that if your thoughts towards something are in a positive direction, then you get success in that thing. In this autobiography, he has given details about the challenges faced during the space program. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a Muslim, because of him, there was harmony between Hindu and Muslim in India. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam being a President, he made his important contribution to reform the religious system of the country.

Name Wings of Fire : An Autobiography Of Abdul Kalam
AuthorAbdul Kalam
PublisherUniversities Press

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Wings of Fire : An Autobiography Of Abdul Kalam Pdf Download.

This autobiography depicts how a young boy fights through all his sorrows and moves on. There were many problems in his house but he never blamed his luck and he kept on working hard after which he became a very successful man. His childhood days also passed very badly, when he used to go to school, he did not have enough resources, due to which he also had a lot of difficulty in studying, but he never gave up and kept on facing every challenge. 

APJ Abdul Kalam’s autobiography reveals that his family has a humble nature and belongs to a middle-class family. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam lived with his parents. There was a lot of problem of food and drink in Dr Kalam’s house because his family used to be very poor. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s father was able to raise some money by doing farming work, which could support his family.

In this autobiography, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has shared his life experience and he got the support of Arun Tiwari to write this autobiography. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a great scientist and he was also the President of India, due to which he was always busy and he did not have time to write his autobiography, so he made Arun Tiwari his co-writer who worked for Kalam. APJ Abdul Kalam’s way of thinking was very soulful because according to his idea if we work in our life then we can go from darkness to light.

Wings of Fire : An Autobiography Of Abdul Kalam Full Book Pdf Download.

When Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was in his youth, he had a very curious nature, he used to love to go into detail about everything. Even in the field of science, when he used to do research about an element, his idea was to search about that element until he got complete information about the element. Those people who were the teachers of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam greatly inspired Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to do something big in the field of science, with the help of which Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam started working in the field of rocket science. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam wanted to make India a self-reliant country, so he started contributing in missile technology.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam achieved many goals in his life and his contribution proves to be very important for the people of our country. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was such a person who contributed in many fields such as he also worked as a writer and also worked as a scientist, apart from this he was also elected as the President of India. There are very few people who show something in different fields, but APJ Abdul Kalam was a very knowledgeable man who had a lot of knowledge in the green field, he has written many books related to his life in which he has told how he was successful in everything.

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