3 Mistakes Of My Life Pdf Download by Chetan Bhagat

3 Mistakes Of My Life pdf is a very inspiring novel written by Chetan Bhagat Through this novel Chetan Bhagat tells about 3 mistakes made by a young man due to which he regrets later. In the opening part of this novel, Chetan Bhagat receives an email and the one who sends the email is named Govind. The boy named Govind tells through his message that he has done 3 mistakes in his life due to which he is very depressed and wants to commit suicide. 

Chetan Bhagat felt very strange while reading the message but somewhere or the other was wondering why the boy wanted to do this. Seeing all this, Chetan Bhagat gets a little nervous and then he wants to contact a teacher, as a result of which Chetan Bhagat starts getting information about the boy that the boy is a resident of Gujarat, then after some time Chetan Bhagat comes to know. It is said that the boy has been admitted to the hospital in Ahmedabad, to see which Chetan Bhagat quickly goes there.  

Govind had become very depressed with his life, after which everyone asked the reason for being sad, then Govind narrated a story in which he has three friends and the names of all three were Ishaan and Omi and one was Govind himself. All three made plans together and left for a small town and Ishaan, who was among the three friends, was very fond of playing cricket but unfortunately he could not become a player of cricket.

Book3 Mistakes Of My Life Pdf
AuthorChetan Bhagat
PublisherRupa Publications India

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3 Mistakes Of My Life by Chetan Bhagat Pdf Download. 

Govind’s mind was more in studies and he was very quick in the subject of mathematics but he was from poor family due to which he could not get admission in engineering college. But Govind was never annoyed by this because he did not want to do such work in which he would work by putting others under others. Govind wanted to work independently, he is thinking of starting a business of his own. 

Now let’s talk about the third friend, the third friend whose name is Omi, he is a very cool-tempered boy, he has no goals in life and there is no plan as to what he has to do in the future. Omi’s father used to work as a priest in a temple and Omi did not like to do such work.

One day the three friends made a plan that they would all sit together and discuss about their future, in which Govind thought that he should open a sports shop on which he would keep the articles related to the game of cricket. 

Omi helps Govind to open a shop, which has a rented house near the temple, with which Omi negotiates and buys the room on rent for Govind. Now Govind wants to bring sports related items to his shop and after that it is Ishaan’s job to bring customers to Govind’s shop because Ishaan plays cricket and Ishaan has a good relationship with sports lovers. 3 Mistakes Of My Life Pdf Download 

Ishaan used to play cricket due to which Ishaan’s friendship with the boys playing cricket became very much and Ishaan would ask his friends to get the cricket material from his dear friend Govind’s shop. There was no shortage of customers in Govind’s shop and he started selling very well. So in this way Govind becomes a businessman and his life starts to settle down. 

3 Mistakes Of My Life Full Book Pdf Download.

When Govind’s shop is doing very well, he starts thinking ahead. He thinks that now he should buy a shop in a shopping mall for which he borrows some money. Govind now had to earn more money, for which he started selling stationery items in addition to sports goods in his shop. 

Govind was earning good money continuously and even after this he starts running a coaching center with the help of Ishaan in which he gives information about maths to the children. Now Ishaan also wanted to earn money like Govind, so he started teaching cricket in a cricket compound. 

Ishaan has a younger sister named Vidya, she is preparing for an entrance exam who needs a teacher for tuition. Ishaan takes his sister to his friend Govind to teach tuition and asks him to give tuition to Vidya. Vidya starts visiting Govind Person, then after some time Vidya tells Govind through a love letter that she likes Govind very much. After some time Govind also starts getting attracted towards Vidya and both of them fall in love. 3 Mistakes Of My Life Pdf Download

One day suddenly there is an earthquake and Govind’s shopping mall collapses completely, breaking and destroying all the items present in his shop, seeing which Govind feels very bad and he breaks down a lot from inside. Because he had invested all his money to build this shopping mall and even after that he had also borrowed from many people. 

Govind was always getting profit in his business but he had made a big mistake in his life and that mistake was that he had put all his money in one project and not only that he had also taken loan from many people. Due to which when his shopping mall broke down, all the things were over, after that he had nothing left to pay the money to the people.

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