Gently Falls The Bakula Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

Gently Falls the Bakula is a novel written by Sudha Murty’s first novel which tells the story of a shrimati and a Srikkanth who lived near each other’s house but these people get along well with each other cannot be made. Both of them study together in class 10th and there is always competition in both of them about studies, out of which thatA boy always works very hard to become a topper and always thinks of becoming a topper but it was shrimati. She doesn’t let him become the topper because she was occupied by shrimati. The topper and that boy always comes second.Shrimati was very fond of reading history that’s why she always gives more importance to the subject of history and Shrikant chooses those subjects which can benefit her more in future. After 12th, Shrikant teaches ITI and engineering from Mumbai to teach them about subjects from which he could get good degree for engineering.

When shrimati and Shrikant do higher secondary studies, at the same time friendship starts between these people and with time, both of them come very close to each other and both of them start falling in love but there is little difference between them. The flower of Bakula becomes attached to the love of both of them because the fragrance of that letter which was the love letter of shrimati and Srikant was a symbol of the fact that the fragrance of love between them will never end. An unbreakable bond is formed between them and they both go on a tour to Hubli to meet secretly.

It is shown in this story that both shrimati. and Srikanth are very good at reading, due to which there is always a feeling of competition from each other and both show great interest in studies. One thing is common in both of them is that both of them had very serious thinking about studies and out of these two, shrimati has more knowledge about history so that she starts giving information about history. He has a lot of knowledge about history like he has designed Badami and Pattalakalkal which makes the reader curious that he must visit that place once.

Name Gently Falls : The Bakula
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin India

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Gently Falls The Bakula by Sudha Murthy Pdf Download

Shrimati and Srikant had a very deep love due to which they both wanted to marry each other but in the meantime, shrimati started getting marriage proposals but shrimati. refused all and she wanted to marry Srikant. She has made many sacrifices for her beloved Srikkanth but shrimati’s mother makes her understand time and again that Srikant’s family members will never love you, her father-in-law will not treat her properly.

In Shrimati and Shrikant there is an unbreakable relationship of love, which cannot be separated from each other. When Shrikant and Shrikant talk to their family members to get married, Shrikant’s mother does not approve of this relationship and she tells Shrikant that the daughter-in-law of our house will become another girl, Shrikant is much more than his mother on this matter and get angry. After this, shrimati says that Srikant is his love and affection that he can do whatever he thinks fit on the basis.

Shrikant and Shrikant get married, after which Shrikant’s mother taunts Shrikant, due to which both of them leave their house and go to live in Mumbai. After some time shrimati. sends money for her mother-in-law for which her husband also approves. Her husband reminds shrimati. that there is no love for her in the in-laws’ house for which shrimati starts studying again.

Gently Falls The Bakula Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

Her mother tries hard to break the relationship between Shrimati and Shrikant. Once when he was talking to his son Shrikant then she tells her son that she had promised someone that Shrikant would become the son-in-law of her house, for this he had lent a huge amount but now Shrikant is the owner of that house. The son-in-law could not be made, for which he now has to pay a large amount. Shrikant’s sister also tries a lot to make this conspiracy strong. The motive of both of them was to put shrimati in trouble as they did not want to make shrimati the daughter-in-law of their house. It all seems true and she helps her pay off the loan but no one thanks him for it.

This beautiful story written by Sudha Murthy touches the heart. This story depicts the love story of shrimati and Srikanth. When both of them used to study together in school, then there was competition among these people about studies but later people become friends and both of them start thinking about getting married. There were many problems in the life of both of them but shrimati did not want Srikant to have any problem for which she is ready to make all possible sacrifices. I hope you liked this story very much if you want to read this story in full detail then you can buy it from any online platform and enjoy reading this story. Shrimati and Srikant’s relationship begins to fizzle out in the end. In this novel, shrimati’s life ends tragically after which Bakula’s flower withers and falls down.

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