I Robot- How to be A Footballer 2 Pdf Download By Peter Crouch

 Peter Crouch’s How to Be a Footballer was a huge publishing success in 2018, getting National Book Award shortlist nomination  Therefore, Crouch’s publishers were ready to capitalize on the former England striker’s smooth move into the literary world, releasing a sequel, I, Robot – How to Be a Footballer 2, just over a year later. Crouch’s first book was a runaway success, thanks in large part to his dry wit and intriguing Lake of a footballer’s life. 

Peter Crouch is indeed a national treasure, as the front cover proclaims. Football is more than kicking a ball around on a large grass rectangle with twenty-one other individuals. Being a player isn’t all about accidentally becoming best friends with Mickey Rourke or comprehending why spitting is regarded as the most horrible offense in the sport and Crouch shows it. Crouch dismisses his managerial possibilities early in the book, and it appears that he is more at ease in this sort of setting, a 21st-century after-dinner speaker who has done a fantastic job of using the power of podcasting to convey a personality like his.  Lovers of the six-foot-seven-inch player will be familiar with the ‘Mickey Rourke’ story that begins the book; it’s been there in his previous book, but it’s clear that Crouch likes using it to put his audience at ease. 

In this book, we will We’ll discover Saturday night entertainment’s Golden Rhombus, Gareth Bale’s Magic Beans, the reason why Crouchy’s father walks his dog in a 2005 England tracksuit. Crouch demanded that Bale didn’t go to the gym and instead ate beans on toast, forcing him to follow suit. Crouch, on the other hand, admitted that the beans on toast did not have the same effect on him as they did on Bale. 

Name I Robot- How to be A Footballer 2
AuthorPeter Crouch
PublisherEbury Press

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I Robot- How to be A Footballer 2 By Peter Crouch Pdf Download

Peter Crouch claimed that Gareth Bale was not the lone footballer with a similar mindset to him. He also inquired about former Manchester United great Paul Scholes’ pre-match dinner lately. Scholes responded by saying that his pre-match supper consisted of baked beans over toast. 

In London, there are about 40,000 outlets to buy food. Footballers often eat from one of these three options. Nobu on Berkeley Street, Novikov in Mayfair (Japanese Upstairs, Italian downstairs), and Sexy Fish on Berkeley Square. Together with the May Fair Bar, they form the Golden Rhombus of Saturday night Entertainment for the Premiere League Stars, irrespective of their dwelling in the capital or not. When a person becomes engaged in the Golden Rhombus, he loses sight of everything else. 

Whether you’re regular in the stands or an armchair expert, passionate for five-a-side or haven’t slipped on a pair of boots after school, this presents the inside story about how to be a footballer.

Having previously read autobiographies where boredom comes in rapidly as the author laboriously describes every minute aspect of their background, this book might be a new experience to many. As the Prologue states, Peter Crouch deviates from the norm, and his novel is no exception. It’s chock-full of anecdotes about other players, coaches, and the sport of football, but they’re all jumbled together. Even without an audiobook, one can hear Peter’s voice in their mind while they read about other people’s follies and misadventures. It’s laugh-out-loud humorous at moments, snigger-worthy at others, but the entire book is delivered in an honest yet irrelevant way that might add to the enjoyment. 

The way each chapter is centered on a different theme is charming – Shirts, Injuries, Agents, Holidays, Away Days, Tackling, and so on – and thus travels back and forth through his life and career, from watching Chelsea as a child to playing for Liverpool and England to his final days with Stoke. The lighthearted tone is kept throughout, but his enthusiasm for football and thankfulness for what he has accomplished show through on every page. 

I Robot- How to be A Footballer 2 Full Book Pdf Download By Peter Crouch

With a peculiar touch of nostalgic nature, it’s the right blend of hilarious and instructive. He doesn’t hesitate, to share every aspect of football, both good and terrible, and in doing so, he may inspire people of all ages. 

You’d think it would be difficult to come up with another football book concept after selling more than 100 million copies, but Peter Crouch has done exactly that with his latest release, I, Robot. Instead of merely delivering game day advice and anecdotes from his experience as an English player, Peter Crouch has opted to throw in some science fiction and discuss what the future of football may look like… and it has piqued much interest. 

     There’s no doubt that Peter Crouch has had one of the most varied careers in football, but you might be surprised to find that he doesn’t simply score goals and star in reality shows. I, Robot, Crouch’s most recent book, is a compilation of autobiographical writings that go deep into what makes him tick as a person and a player. Read it yourself to learn more about the man behind the mustache and cape.

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