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According to Lester R Brown, we can make an economy that does not destroy its inbuild support infrastructure, a society where the fundamental requirements of everyone are fulfilled, and a planet that permits us to consider ourselves civilized. This is doable. One can come across how it is doable through the book Outliers written by Malcom Gladwell .Some boom—and-bust in economy inspired Outliers. When the economy was in a euphoric phase, he began thinking about the book, and it occurred to me that this was an excellent chance to re our society’s attitudes toward achievement. 

Outliers is a fantastic book since it delves into a common self-help theme: success. However, it does so in a way that is distinct from traditional self-help, concentrating on successful people’s circumstances and chances rather than just their personality attributes. Gladwell delves into what creates the most successful individuals so effective at what they do, uncovering the characteristics that allowed them to flourish.  

Malcolm Gladwell examines the variables that contribute to achievement in Outliers: The Story of Success. The first part of the book examines how opportunity, rather than hard effort or inherent skill, is more important in the destinies of successful individuals. The second part of the book concentrates on cultural legacies or hereditary behavioral characteristics. 

The influence of chance in the lives of exceptionally successful people is examined in Part One. The Canadian Hockey League, the most competitive youth hockey league in the world, is Gladwell’s first example. Since January 1 is the cutoff date for Canadian leagues serving the youngest players, individuals born in the first half of the calendar year are significantly bigger and more coordinated than their contemporaries. The larger and more coordinated children have more playing time and higher instruction, leading them to reach the top level by the time they are better players. The vast majority of professional hockey players in Canada have birthdates in January, February, or March. 

Name Outliers: The Story of Success
AuthorMalcolm Gladwell
PublisherBack Bay Books

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Outliers: The Story of Success By Malcolm Gladwell Pdf Download

Even prodigies like Mozart, according to Gladwell, 10,000 hours of practice are required to master a talent. The Beatles, Bill Joy, and Bill Gates all worked hard for their success, yet they profited from chances that they did not create. Joy, one of Sun Microsystems’ founders, went to one of the first institutions in the world to have a time-sharing terminal. He owned a terminal in his room during graduate school, where he expended all of his spare time programming. Gates attended a private high school in Seattle that had a time-sharing terminal linked to a mainframe. He was also able to devote all of his spare time to programming. The Beatles were engaged to do extensive gigs for days in Hamburg, Germany, early on. 

Another type of opportunity is based on your birth year or period. Gates and Joy (along with other early programmers) were in their late teens when personal computers became widely available.. Gladwell illustrates that “practical intelligence” is as significant as “analytical intelligence” by citing a study done by Lewis Terman, the developer of the Stanford-Binet IQ test. He also compares Chris Langan to Robert Oppenheimer, one of the world’s smartest living persons. While both struggled in college, owing to his practical brilliance, only Oppenheimer went on to have a successful life. 

Joe Flom, a prominent New York City lawyer, is profiled in the last section of Part One. While he was birthed into an impoverished family of Jewish immigrants (at a period when Jews were mistreated), many of his challenges were advantages that led directly to his success. 

Part 2 looks into cultural heirlooms. Gladwell demonstrates how cultural expectations and practices may be a serious obstacle to pilots by using flight recorder transcripts from various plane disasters over the previous few decades. Copilots from nations with a high “Power Distance Index” (those with the greatest deference to authority) will generally avoid informing pilots when they make mistakes, even if the faults are potentially fatal. Commercial aviation has implemented programmes to modify the way flight crews communicate with one another after understanding the consequences of such cultural expectations. 

Outliers: The Story of Success Full Book Pdf Download By Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell then compares and contrasts the performance of Eastern and Western countries on public school arithmetic tests. He claims that nations with a long history of rice paddy farming have a better work ethic. Gladwell demonstrates that hard work, rather than intelligence, has a higher influence on mathematical performance. 

The third case study examines the “performance gap” between socioeconomic groups at the KIPP school in the South Bronx. Children from middle- and upper-income families in the United States retain more information and are more apt to make incremental gains over the summer break than students from low families. To close the success gap for low-income background pupils, the KIPP school employs extended summer programmes and school days. 

Gladwell illustrates that if more chances were available, more successful individuals would emerge leading to a richer society. If you have financial aspirations like everyone, try this book.

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